Sts Anargri Greek Language Centre

Traditionally the Language School has run on Saturday morning. In 2012, joined forces with the GNOSI Greek Language School, and was able to extend its program to weeknights.

Families can choose whether to attend classes on Saturday mornings, or either Wednesday, Thursday or Friday evenings.

At Sts. Anargiri Greek language Centre we offer  Greek language educational programs for 3 year old and 4 year old Kinder aged students,  Modern Greek Prep to VCE classes, advanced Greek classes based on curriculum taught in Greece and VCAA Accredited Classical (Ancient) Greek classes.

The aim of our school is to deepen our students’ understanding of the richness of the Greek language and our cultural heritage, so that they can embrace it as part of their identity

To achieve this goal, teachers work closely with students in order to establish a safe and engaging learning environment focussed on student well-being and their educational development.

Through  various innovative programs, students are in a stronger position to flourish during the duration of their studies, as competent and independent learners who develop a positive attitude towards their learning of the Greek language.


Our Vision

To be a school of choice and leader in Greek language and cultural education


Our Mission

We strive to offer a safe and engaging learning environment with the aim to instil within our students a great appreciation and knowledge of the rich linguistic, cultural and historical traditions of our Hellenic heritage.


Our Values

Inspired and guided by Orthodox Christian values we focus on:

  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Responsibility
  • Engaging  Environment
  • Hellenic Traditions