Classical / Ancient Greek Classes

With great excitement we inform you that at Sts, Anargiri Greek Language Centre we are one of a small number of schools that offer Ancient/Classical Greek classes for students in years 7,8 ,9 and 10. The students have the ability to continue their studies in Classical Greek undertaking our fully accredited VCAA VCE classes.

The Greek philosophers, poets and writers are among those great spirits who have influenced many people worldwide. The Ancient/Classical Greek Language has maintained an amazing cohesion of structure and vocabulary for thousands of years, having contributed to the structure of other languages too, so why shouldn’t all the students take advantage of its positive influence?

With skilled teaching staff and appropriate teaching material, students learn by translating, summarising or responding to questions based on the classical Greek texts. Students develop lexical skills and they consolidate knowledge of grammatical and spelling rules. By studying the Greek famous writers and philosophers students understand the influence and contribution of the Ancient Greek civilization. The added advantage with studying Classical (Ancient) Greek at VCE level is that it scales up for ATAR. For example in 2013, 16 extra points were awarded to a student achieving a study score of 30.

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Wednesday and Thursday classes run from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm