For over five decades The Greek Orthodox Community of Oakleigh and Districts has been educating children in the Greek language, establishing itself as an integral stakeholder of the local and wider Greek community.

The language classes for over half a century, have provided the Oakleigh and surrounding areas with an important means through which the Hellenic traditions, culture, history and language could be passed down from generation to generation.

Today, Sts Anargiri Greek Language Centre continues this long tradition of service to the local Greek community which begun over 50 years ago. At  Sts. Anargiri Greek language Centre we offer Greek language educational programs for 3 year old and 4 year old Kinder aged students, Modern Greek Prep to VCE classes, advanced Greek classes based on curriculum taught in Greece and VCAA Accredited Classical (Ancient) Greek classes.

Having an established relationship with Oakleigh Grammar, operating classes out of their premises, Sts Anargiri Greek Language Centre is a leading provider of Greek educational and cultural classes with access to modern state of the art teaching facilities.

Our curriculum and text books are also carefully collated to specifically address the needs of students studying Greek as a LOTE (Language Other than English). Understanding that the needs of students have changed over the years in relation to undertaking the study of the Greek language, our educational programs reflect this transition and incorporate learning strategies that assist students in developing their language skills to a competent level.

Students at Sts Anargiri Greek Language Centre have the ability to access the full facilities made available through the use of the Oakleigh Grammar premises, with access to computers, interactive whiteboards, televisions equipped with apple tv and the outdoor play areas. This equips our language centre with the ability to provide students with an inviting, interactive and engaging learning program.

After the amalgamation of the school with Gnosi Greek Language School in 2012, Sts Anargiri Greek Language Centre now offers classes throughout the week providing families with a range of weeknight or Saturday morning sessions from which they can choose from.

Advanced classes have also been added to the curriculum to accommodate for students who have recently arrived from Greece or those wanting to deepen their Greek language skills in an engaging and challenging setting. The curriculum covered in the advanced classes is based on that taught in schools in Greece

An exciting initiative and one that the school is very proud of, is the introduction of Classical (Ancient) Greek classes at junior secondary and VCE level. The VCE Classical Greek program is accredited by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) and makes our language centre one of only a handful of educational providers that offer Classical Greek in Victoria.

Our dedicated and highly skilled teachers undertake professional learning to continually improve the teaching and learning programs and deliver engaging and relevant curriculum.

Students at Sts Anargiri Greek Language Centre together with the guidance of their teachers develop a strong working relationship built on mutual respect and a passion for learning.

Classes are inclusive and students develop the appropriate skills to complete VCE successfully.

We believe that learning is not only what occurs within the classroom. At Sts Anargiri Greek Language Centre we offer a range of extra curricula activities providing students with a well-rounded education including dance lessons, cultural programs and music lessons (bouzouki). A number of our students undertake the examination for the Certificate of Attainment in Greek achieving excellent results in comparison to other schools in the local area.

It is our aim at Sts Anargiri Greek Language Centre to create an environment where teachers and parents work together to provide to our students, to the best of our abilities, with a priceless gift, that being the opportunity to learn the Greek language.

To achieve this goal, teachers work closely with students in order to establish a safe and engaging learning environment focussed on student well-being and their educational development.

Through  various innovative programs, students are in a stronger position to flourish during the duration of their studies, as competent and independent learners who develop a positive attitude towards their learning of the Greek language.

Through the teaching and learning of the Greek language our core aim is for our students to maintain their Greek cultural identity.

At Sts Anargiri Greek Langauge Centre we believe that making choices about your child’s education is of utmost importance. Therefore, it is important to take into consideration what the school can offer to provide the best possible outcomes for their learning. Make a wise choice. Choose correctly. Choose Sts Anargiri Greek Language Centre!

We look forward to welcoming you into our school community!